Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Nail File

The latest fashion trend to take the world by storm is the statement nail polish, from subtle to the more.....extreme of designs, it is definitely safe to say, that when it comes to nails, bare is boring.

I think my 'statement-nail' idol has to be Katy Perry, she’s so creative with them and my favourite has to be these Sushi inspired nails, absolute genius! 


From the ‘Crackle’ polish to pictures of their favourite celebs, it’s clear that women are becoming more and more creative with their nails, seems they have become the new fashion statement. These are just some examples of my favourite statement nails.

I have to admit, in the past I was never big on nail polish, my nails were always breaking, they would chip within hours of painting them and they just took waaay too long to dry (I am a very impatient person). But like many fashion trends I’ve come to love them, so thought I’d give it a go with these leopard print statement nail wraps. They were about £6.50 from Boots and include 16 individual nail wraps, not ideal if you are looking to get two sets out of them, although if you put them on correctly they should last you quite a while.

They were really simple and easy to apply, you just buff the nail to get rid of any shine, peel of the designs and stick them onto your nail, then file off any excess. Like any nail polish, it was a bit trickier to apply to the hand you write with but other than that I found them so straight forward and a lot less hassle than having to paint your nails and wait for them to dry. 


It says they will last up to 11 days, which I’m a bit apprehensive about but I will keep you updated. I’ll defiantly be purchasing these again; I think they’re great to wear with a simple outfit on a night out to make a real statement.

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